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How Mirrors Can Transform a Room

December 29, 2021

How Mirrors Can Transform a Room

By: Elizabeth Shields 

Mirrors can make a huge difference in how we perceive a room. They can make a space brighter and make it feel bigger. A strategically placed mirror can effectively transform a room and make it a more welcoming space. Anyone can try this at home and see the results for themselves, so here we have outlined some of the ways you can use mirrors to achieve this effect! 

1. The larger the mirror, the more space it appears to create

Mirrors are great for playing with our perception of space. While a large picture might be too overpowering in a small room, a large room will have the opposite effect. As long as the frame isn’t unnecessarily bulky, a large mirror will make a room feel brighter and more spacious, so don’t be afraid to go for a design that’s beyond the standard proportions. Similarly, in a room where you’re likely to host guests, a larger mirror can help increase the atmosphere in the space by giving the illusion of more people. 

2. Think about what your mirror will reflect

Keep in mind that when you use mirrors to decorate a room, you’re going to get a reflection. Before picking a spot for your mirror, consider what will be shown in the reflection. You don’t want to look in the mirror and suddenly become aware that your closet needs some organizing. Instead, hang your mirror strategically so it reflects a large piece of artwork or a show-stopping chandelier to elevate the wow factor. This clever reflection trick allows you to display your favorite features twice. 

3. Consider hanging two mirrors side by side

Decorating your walls with mirrors will give your home a sophisticated look, so why not try hanging two mirrors right next to each other for double the flair? When you choose this design option, keep in mind the width of the mirror frames as well as the size of the mirrors. Here are two ways you can hang two mirrors side by side:
  • Symmetrical side-by-side
Symmetric arrangements are commonly seen in bathroom layouts with a double-sink vanity. There is often a third element added, such as a tissue dispenser or a decorative towel rack between the frames. When hanging an item between symmetrical side-by-side mirrors, make sure it’s centered on the frames’ vertical dimension.
  • Asymmetrical arrangements

In these arrangements, one mirror is usually higher than the other, whether in a horizontal, vertical, or side-by-side manner. Staggered mirrors are great for filling spaces over beds and sofas. Asymmetrically arranged mirrors play up the difference in their placement, while mirrors with similar dimensions offer a more balanced look. You can take this effect further by installing an artful piece of asymmetrical small mirrors.

4. Hang your mirror at the right height   

When hanging a picture or artwork, you usually want to place the midpoint at eye level - or approximately 5ft off the ground. Mirror placement is a bit different - it has to be positioned precisely to provide the most flattering reflection. In a hallway, this might mean hanging the mirror at eye level so that you can catch a glimpse of your reflection before leaving the house. In a living room, you may have to hang it higher to highlight your light fixtures.

Placing a piece of furniture below where your mirror hangs will also affect its height. Ideally, you’ll want to hang the mirror so that the bottom of its frame is closer to the furniture below it than to the ceiling above. That way, the connection between the mirror and furniture is distinct. If you hang the mirror too high, it will feel out of place in the room.                                                     

5. Try hanging mirrors in your kitchen

If your kitchen feels small and closed in, try hanging mirrors to make it feel larger and airier. Mirrors reflect light, so hanging one or two large ones on a wall opposite a window in your kitchen doubles the natural light streaming in. You can also use smaller mirrors swapping out your plain front cabinet doors for mirrors. Combined with white walls and countertops, cabinet front mirrors can effortlessly transform a compact, dark kitchen without expensive renovations. 

6. Add a mirror to a gallery wall

Add a mirror to your gallery wall for a unique arrangement. Start by hanging the mirror in the center of the wall where you have your gallery arrangement, then work your way outward, adding various sizes of artwork, photos, and personal treasures around the mirror. Try to keep the frames similar so that everything you hang on the gallery wall with your mirror works seamlessly together without appearing cluttered. 

      7. Make sure your mirror is the focal point

 When adding a mirror to a room, make it the focal point, especially if it’s a large mirror. An easy way to create a focal point with your mirror is by handing a design that features an ornately carved frame.  Alternatively, try using a grouping of smaller mirrors to add elegance to an otherwise plain wall. Whether you choose uniformity - mirrors with the same-colored frame and of the same shape - or create an eclectic mix of sizes and designs, the result will be attention-grabbing.                                                      

8. Consider leaning a mirror against the wall instead of hanging it up     

Hanging a mirror isn’t your only option when decorating a room. Lean a large mirror with a thin frame against a wall in your bedroom to create a modern and fresh ambiance. It’s worth noting that this works best in a room with a bit of space to move so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking the mirror over. 

9. Try a mirror design that looks like a window

Many homes feature windowless bathrooms that can feel claustrophobic. Hanging a mirror in such a space can make a significant difference by brightening the space. A clever trick is to go for a mirror that mimics the shape of a traditional window frame to create the illusion of light streaming in through a windowpane.

Final thoughts

As you can see, decorating a room with mirrors is one of the most effective ways of transforming it. There are no hard and fast rules on how to go about it - trust your instinct and play around with the mirrors until you achieve the desired effect. Hopefully, the tips above can help guide your decisions and inspire you. Good luck!