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Bobo Intriguing Objects Art on Reclaimed Metal, Tihany Motorbike Race

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In a series of four, Tihany Motorbike is just one of Roland Renaud's iconic 20th century collection of original European motorbike paintings. Each piece has been hand painted in linen oils on reclaimed tin roof panels. Retro in style, all four of Renaud's motorbike advertisements embrace their own unique flair, with individual headings and labels of varying languages. Tihany Motorbike is one of the more abstract pieces in the collection, taking on a layered collage style with Hungarian language. Note: Each piece is unique, varying in hue and color with distinct indentations.
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  • Width: 59.00
  • Height: 39.40
  • Depth: 1.50
  • Weight: 18.00 LBS
  • Materials: Oil Painting
  • SKU: BI-2947
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