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Yield Design

Honest Materials and Forward Design by Yield

Founders of Yield Design & Co, Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant, are an extraordinarily driven design duo. They studied art at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and soon after graduation started a joint design project. In the beginning, they had a simple wish: show a set of products to a range of audience. “Kickstarter served as an initial spark, a means of introduction. It also provided some real momentum that helped us break through numerous manufacturing and logistical barriers to get the product into the hands of our first customers,” the duo said in an interview. After the successful Kickstarter campaign with bags, the pair founded Yield Design and Co. in 2012 in San Francisco. The following year, they moved to St. Augustine, Florida, looking for a smaller inspiring community, with a goal to collaborate with local craftsmen. Now, a new wish was born: to produce something of high quality, but affordable, using sustainable materials and verified techniques. As time went by, the small studio grew, looking for new designers and retailers from other cities, simultaneously expanding production from product design, to jewelry and furniture.

Yielding to the Present

Rachel and Andrew have always worked on everything together – from the design of the products to website uploading – and spent a lot of time in communication with their team, or, as Andrew once said: “The end results are the Yield.” The production process is an exciting one, comprising of two main segments. First is to find sustainable resources: glass, wood, and leather. The second refers to achieving a perfect balance between technology, craft and modern design. As industrial design became popular in the last years, the two became aware of challenges arising from creating something likable and relatable, but not mainstream. Their solution: giving a personal touch to every product.

A New Look for Classical Pieces

The Yield’s Duotone collection is a line of coffee tables first shown at ICFF 2016. In short, the collection confirms innovative ideas in industrial design style. The team worked on procuring the maximum from the numerous possibilities of colors, shapes and textures found in industrial materials: especially glass, aluminium, brass and wood. The two-tier tables – round or rectangle – come in a variety of more than 120 glass, wooden and leather interchangeable parts. The beauty of it all: you can choose different kinds of surfaces which fit best with your style and the context of your living space. For example, a rose gold glass top with rust mosaic solid bottom surface is perfect for people who like an elegant touch to their space. If you are a fan of leather and like experimenting with style, perhaps trying out an interesting combination of rectangle table with smoked glass tier top and saffron suede bottom tier would be something just right for you. On the other hand, a golden brass base, clear glass and wood emphasizes the beauty of simple lines. Finally, with one of the double functional mirrors from Day Mirror collection, you can have an alluring minimalist, modern design look in your living room. Yield is all about refreshing the style of your space.