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Color Theory 1 Art by Natural Curiosities

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  • Color theory, for me, has always been this giant box of possibilities. So much so, that the color combinations that work for one and differently for another are so infinite in their possibilities. It can almost send me into a permanent mental spin. It’s almost infinite in the possibilities of color combinations. So when you find color combinations that personally work together and create an emotional response, that’s when the color theory becomes interesting. .

    In addition to that, there is a growing interest in having Art that has interaction along with a dimensionality . If you look at Art over the last 20-30 years all the way back to 1500s, the idea of just having an image with a wood frame has been fairly stagnant for a long time. As the trend to dimensionality grows, so does the next level of dimensionality. That is when the Art itself can change in front of your eye. So by blending technology, we can add a light box behind these colors, so that they themselves have light color options too. The overall effect is not only the color combinations of the acrylic pieces, but the LED lighting adds exponentially more colors! I can sit at my desk in my studio with my led controller and create the right interaction with Color Theory based on my mood. Currently, I keep the Art at a calm, changing coloration every 10-15 seconds. So that while working, there is this experience near me that I am aware of, but I can also not be aware of. Therefore, the interaction becomes personable and customizable. Pretty cool!

    Color Theory 2 also for sale.

  • 27" x 42"
  • Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery.
  • Complimentary white glove shipping in the U.S. included! 


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