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Paule Marrot Les Nuages Art

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From the artist Paule Marrot, Soicher Marin presents Les Nuages 1, 2 and 3 art.  This art features a sweep of perfect pale blue sky,  dotted with placid swells of cotton-colored cloud. This art spans the wall and centers the soul.

The three Les Nuages art prints- Les Nuages 1, Les Nuages 2, and Les Nuages 3 are sold separately. 

Paule Marrot uses bold colors, flowers, and patterns to express Art Deco style. Les Nuages  is a print that can be used in any living space in your home.


  • Framed in a custom silver frame


  • Overall Dimensions: 28.25" X 43.75"


  • Please allow 8-10 weeks for production

  • Free shipping in the U.S.

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